Cosa succede fuori?Italy goes on board….. Caxxx!

In recent weeks, current events in Italy have sadly put Italy on the front-page headlines on BBC and CNN. Let's start with the first event, when Nicola Cosentino rejoiced from prison that he would...

In recent weeks, current events in Italy have sadly put Italy on the front-page headlines on BBC and CNN.
Let’s start with the first event, when Nicola Cosentino rejoiced from prison that he would be freed and released.
This decision was made by the Italian Parliament, which had met to vote against Cosentino’s arrest. But who is this person, for whom a national parliament meets to choose his destiny?
Nicola Cosentino (born in Casal di Principe, January 2, 1959) is an Italian politician. He has an extended family of several gangsters: his brother Mario is married to Mirella Russo, sister of the crime boss of Casale, Giuseppe Russo (called Peppe O ‘Godfather), who is currently serving a life sentence for murder and criminal association. Another brother, now deceased, was married to Russo’s daughter, Diana.
Cosentino was re-appointed by Forza Italia to the Chamber of Deputies in both 2001 and 2006, as well as by the political party Popolo della Liberta in 2008 for the district of “Campania 2.” On May 12, 2008 during this term, Cosentino was appointed Undersecretary of State for the Economy and Finance under the fourth Berlusconi government.
The name of Nicola Cosentino has appeared in an inquiry of an anti-mafia investigation of the Camorra of Naples. The court issued a second order for preventive detention against Cosentino, subject to approval by the Chamber. Investigating Judge Egle Pilla named him “the national contact point” for the Casale gangs.
Ask yourself if something like this could have happened in your country. How would the general population react to this type of Parliamentary decision?
In Italy this news has slipped away as if nothing has happened, as if it were normal to defend those who are investigated, and prohibiting the possibility of judicial clarification.
Two days later, another thing happened and I told myself that I would not speak of the cruise ship Concordia. But I must, because many people have died and there is now the risk of an environmental disaster. This all comes after a stunt done by the ship’s commander, who had had too much to drink and was entertaining a beautiful woman. Can you believe this! We Italians have had a similar “captain,” who preferred the good life and women, ruling our peninsula for the last 16 years.
In fact we were should not be surprised or perhaps only some of us were astonished. The others, including the village where the ship’s captain was born and raised, want to make the commander a hero.
In Italy, there is something called meritocracy, meaning “Who do you know?” Therefore, we should not be surprised if the parliament frees prisoners and people who guide boats are not serious people.
Lastly, my foreign colleagues, please don’t say that the story is similar to that of the Titanic. The captain of the Titanic died and never abandoned his ship. The Italian captain of the Concordia was the first to jump ship.
To conclude, I would like to say, Italy is a beautiful country, but if you continue downgrade us, we will not have money to maintain our monuments and historical artifacts. Since you have put us in the lower leagues, the people who used to look at us with envy, will instead look down at us with contempt.
And perhaps the contempt in their eyes, is justified because it is not possible in a country like Italy which is considered advanced socially and industrially, with strikes and protests for liberalization.
Where we are going? Are we sinking or are we halfway between the sea and land, just like the image of Costa Concordia….

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