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Wikipedia come back with us, they changed the law

Wikipedia come back with us, they changed the law


Dear friends, don't be too afraid, Italy is not about to resume its fascist past, not this time. As you have been twitting in the last hours Wikipedia warned it may shut its page http://it.wikipedia.org/ permanently because of provisions in a bill forcing websites to correct content deemed detrimental to a person's image, within 48 hours of a complaint. And, especially, with no right of appeal.The good news is that Wikipedia is not threatened anymore, the bill was today changed in Parliament and bloggers will not risk anymore whereas the law will be applied to online newspapers. Yet, as the lawyer Guido Scorza stresses in an interview we published today, for online media outlets little or nothing changes, since they were already responsible for their contents.So, yes, of course, Berlusconi is bad and he is certainly not our cup of tea, but a fascism's comeback has hardly been a real risk in this byzantine and florentine country, at least not in recent times and even less today, as showed by what happened today in Parliament. Wikipedia can now come back with us and celebrate the fact that a stupid law was democratically defeated by the web.

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