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26 Settembre Set 2011 1507 26 settembre 2011

You the be the Jew -- I mean Judge

Pseudo controversies over slips of the toungue are pretty funny. Very, very rarely do they actually mean anything. The president's mess-up at the Congressional Black Caucus awards dinner a couple nights ago definitely falls into that category.

He was trying to say that a millionaire should pay the same tax rate as a janitor, but it came out ... "as a Ju -- Janitor."

But it's a riot reading the blogs today as people try to read into it, based on their own orientation. Some on the right are saying that if Bachmann had done the same thing, she would be skewered in the press. That I don't agree with. She makes mistakes like confusing the birthplace of John Wayne the iconic actor with John Wayn Gacey, the iconic serial killer. Obama just got the wrong vowel, realized it immediately and corrected himself.

Still, I submit it along with the rest of the blogging world, just for laughs ... You tell me, does this reveal the President as some kind of anti-Semite? Pretty far-fetched.

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