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6 Ottobre Ott 2011 1638 06 ottobre 2011

Grow Up!

The "Occupy" movement continues to gain traction. In addition to the NYC protests, there's now an Occupy DC, Boston, LA, and several others. Orgainizers have discovered that out-of-work 20-somethings might not have bus fare to get to New York.

The other way it is maturing is they are finally honing their message. As I've mentioned, early Tea Party rallies were about everything from gun rights to Christian issues. Today, they want one thing: lower taxes.

Since there's less anti-Zionist signage around (not that it's not someone's right to have that sentiment), it makes it a lot easier for more folks to join these anti-corporate events. Yesterday, union officials joined in.

And now, many more Jews seem to be comfortable adding their bodies and voices, including members of one of my favorite groups, Hazon. Hazon is a wonderful organization which fights world hunger, supports local eating, and asks important questions about food ethics. For instance, it is groups like this puzzling out quandries like whether a styrofom cup can be kosher, giving the tacit commandments in the bible and talmud to not negatively impact the earth.

So I was very glad to read on Hazon's blog, the Jew and the Carrot about the organic (meant in both senses of the word) sabbath dinners that have started at Occupy Wall Street. Both Jews and gentiles are invited to these, responding to the clarion call, "This is What Shabbacracy Looks Like." Of course, they will have to skip shabbat dinner this week bacause it is the evening of Yom Kippur when Jews around the world fast.

Good for you, Other 99 Percenters, for continuing to streamline the message to what all of "us" can agree on. Once we're at the point where Democrats have to kow-tow to an Occupy Party on the topic of corporate ownership of government the way Republicans do the Tea Party on the topic of tax cuts, we'll take on some of the other questions on the agenda.

To my Jewish friends at these events around the country, I wish you and easy fast and g'mar chatima tovah (may you be sealed for a good year).

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