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10 Ottobre Ott 2011 0142 09 ottobre 2011

Same Old Story

So the conservatives have commenced their mocking, just the same way we did with the "Teabaggers." We had a huge laugh, connecting a gay sex act with movement that just continued to gain momentum. Why? Because we were scared. And we had every right to be as it turns out.

Now it's the other side's turn. Rep. Peter King (R) -- he of the rediculous campaign to block the establishment of the "Ground Zerp Mosque" -- has now chimed in, calling the Occupy Walls Street demonstrators anarchists.

Facinating. As a Jew, I couldn't help but reminded by the strange, contradictory accusations that we endured for so many decades. We were accused of both "owning all the banks" but somehow "they're all Communists." That's right. Very common, those Communist bank owners, just collecting money in order to redistribute it.

Now, the 99 Percent group, in calling for a stronger independent governement, marked by increased regulations, is labeled, "anarchists."

Can't these politicians hear themselves when they start talking?

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