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12 Ottobre Ott 2011 0134 11 ottobre 2011

Occupy Judaism? Occupy Judaism!

I had commented last week that the cool kids down on Wall Street were going to have to skip their shabbat meal for Yom Kippur. I was right about the meal part, but I learned earlier today that there was an amazing "happening" -- at least 100 OSW protesters (judging from the photos I've seen) participated in Yom Kippur eve services, known as Kol Nidre.

I found this out on a really great Facebook page, Occupy Judaism. I had to smile at their slogan, "Finally, an occupation that progressive Jews can get behind" even though I'm one of those purists who calls the area in question "disputed territory." But the gag is worth it.

So liberal Jews are definitely showing their true colors, coming out to support these demonstrations in a big way.

Image above was created for and by the administrators of the Occupy Judaism FB page.

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