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An American VAT?

I'm no fan of Herman Cain. But I don't think we should discard his 9-9-9 plan without taking a look at it. Remember, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

I'll tell you another thing, Michele Bachman can dismiss it as the devil's work bacause 999 is "666" upside down, but we're at the point that we have to consider all options. Let's not throw out the black walnut just yet. (Before you post a nasty comment, this is Cain's nickname for himself, when the media started saying he was the "flavor of the month.")

So what is 9-9-9?

9 percent income tax across the board, no exemptions, no deductions. I see a little problem with taxes people on poverty wages, but ... I'm listenening.

9 percent "business tax." I'm still listening. I can poke holes in it, but I'm listening.

9 percent sale tax. This is where most people on both sides of the aisle stop listening. But why?

A national sales tax could do a lot of good. Perhaps it will encourage savings and chill America's materialistic instincts. It might close some loopholes in on-line ordering. Perhaps it will encourage a black market of used items, but that's a good thing. If they exempt food and medicine, we might be onto something.

I was talking with a friend this morning and I argued that many, many countries have a VAT. He pointed out that those countries have free healthcare and highly subsudized education. And those are the last things that Mr. If-You're-Not-Rich-Blame-Yourself is proposing.

This is the main point. To me, I'm not against any particular tax idea. Just give me something for it!

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