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It's Over

When you see documentaries on World War II, when you see hand-painted signs and headlines on "VJ" day -- the day marking the end of America's participation in World War II, there's something powerfully moving there. As pointed out on the radio show, This American Life, those signs and headlines didn't say, "We Won" ... they said, "War is Over."

It's been a few days since Gilad Shalit returned from his six-year captivity. In Israel, it was a bitter pice to have to accept both the number of prisoners in the exchange and the severity of the crimes they had committed. Yet ... and this is the moving part ... the headlines, at least the ones that I saw, said not "We Prevailed," "We Got What We Wanted," but "He's Home."

I think ultimately Shalit's return is best for anyone who loves peace.

I was fascinated to read the blog post on the topic by a rabbi whom I love very much. She was in the Israeli army during a previous exchange and ... well, I won't steal Rabbi Charni Flame Selch's thunder, as she is an gifted writer and orator (and I'm not just saying that because she is a member of my family), so I'll just ask that you click here to read for yourself.

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