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4 Novembre Nov 2011 1640 04 novembre 2011

Choice Candidates

You know what I don't get about my Conservative friends?

Back in 2008, we liberals had an embarassment of riches ... should we vote for Clinton or Obama in the primary? Before that it was Gore or Bradley. Ivy league grads, highly intelligent, experienced professionals all.

Now the other side is trying to sort the best out of Cain, Romney, Perry. I'm sorry to say it, friends, but these people are lightweights.

Consider how Cain is dealing with his current PR crises. He's dribbling out nonsense, "recalling" details little by little. Reminds me of Anthony Weiner's handling of his sexting scandal. And look where Weiner is now.

When Obama was swatting away allegations left and right four years ago -- Jeremiah Wright, the "guns and religion" comment, the Muslim garb photo, the Weather Underground accusations, the birth certificate issue -- he handled it all like a professional ... frankly, like someone we could trust to be in charge of a large organization like our government.

Herman Cain is so proud of his experience running a chain of restaurants, being the CEO. Is this how he did business?

I also haven't heard satisfactory answers on Perry's slurred speech or his association with the Niggerwood hunting grounds.

I've always said that if I felt the way Conservatives did about their issues, I'd be as passionate as they are. What does it mean that they can't find an adequate professional to steer the Republican party?

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