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7 Novembre Nov 2011 1107 07 novembre 2011

Dear Italians, I have a trade for you

After reading the proposal by Melani on Saturday to buy Italian bonds and save the country and several critical responses, I have the following proposal for everyone:

1. Buy BTPs, buy BOTs, buy Italian bank debt, buy Italian corporate debt, buy Italian equities;

2. Protest. Email a deputato, write to a Senator, knock on the door of a consigliere regionale. In short, do anything you can to make sure they understand that the government is completely substandard, incompetent and inefficient and that you are livid that they are destroying your way of life for their own short term gain. You either want the situation improved or them to stand down.

Because it is all very well saying you should do something for patriotism, but I find that people also respond to the prospect of monetary gain. This solution should combine the two.

Please note, once you have ejected/improved the government, you are likely to have several years when you have to work like crazy to keep the country going. However, BTPs that yield 7% are something of a cushion in this situation.

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