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16 Novembre Nov 2011 1823 16 novembre 2011

A Supreme Headache

We got word a couple of days ago that the Supreme Court will hear arguments about the Consitutionality of President Obama's healthcare package -- the plan the other side calls "Obamacare."

I'm actually a bit nervous about what's going to happen, and not just because the court can be very conservative, with all of Bush's nominees on it.

One of the objections that the other side is hanging its argument on is that making an individual pay an insurance company just because he or she is a citizen who draws air in the United States is contrary to our individual feedoms. I hate to say it, but they make a good point.

The counter to that arugment is Social Security -- there is no option to not participate in that. Exactly. If had we stuck the the single-payer plan we wouldn't be in this mess. The precident of paying the government so they can give that money back at some later point is many decades old.

But this? Being forced to give money to a private company? I think they can really shoot a lot of holes in this. Enough holes that it won't hold water in fact. I can easily see a few of the liberal justices, like Justice Ginsburg or Sotomayor saying, "Guys, I want healtcare for everyone, but this is kind of un-Constitutional."

Lesson learned. Stick to your guns, Democrats. When you compromise, you compromise -- they will find a way to shoot it down anyway.

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