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2 Dicembre Dic 2011 0300 02 dicembre 2011

What a Joke

People from other parts of the the U.S. seem to think that New York -- in fact the whole New York region -- isn't part of the real America.

Apparently the loser in the last presidential election is part of that crowd. During a debate in the Senate, the hideous legislator who cynically reversed himself on nearly every principle for which he had gained respect from most Americans in his failed attempt to get elected, said that would admit that Long Island was part of the United States ... “albeit sometimes regrettably.”

Real funny.

That kind of statement really tends to get under our skin. As our senator, Chuck Schumer, pointed out, plenty of Long Islanders died on September 11, 2011. And many were among the first responders, digging through the rubble to find bodies, up to their elbows in contaminents that would later give them mystery diseases.

But McCain's making a joke about how they are not really Americans or that it would be nice if the "real Americans" could pretend that they aren't part of the same country.

I hate these "patriots" who won't admit that boys and girls from Long Island, the five boroughs, New Jersey ... in fact from cities and suburbs up and down the East Coast fight and die right next to their "real American" boys and girls. That the way we lead our lives is somehow less noble that theirs. This from a man who wouldn't support a federal holiday honoring Martin Luther King, from a state which makes people "show their papers" on the slightest suspicion that they are "aliens" -- very American of them.

McCain is laughing off Schumer's protests about his statement, saying that our sentor can't take a joke.

We've heard a lot of guff about New Yorkers, McCain, but not having a sense of humor has never been one of them. It's not that we can't take a joke. It's that you have become the joke.

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