The View from the Hudson
5 Dicembre Dic 2011 1656 05 dicembre 2011

Really? That's the reason?

Well, over the weekend, Herman Cain finally "suspended" the agony.

But, as a Dem, I'm getting kind of annoyed at the reasons why politicians are being forced out of public life.

Look, I'm no proponent of adultery, but is this really the worst thing a politician can do? Of all the things Cain was accused of, being unfaithful was the final straw? Come on!

All of us were saying, back when Clinton was being raked over the coals, that it doesn't matter what someone does in the bedroom. I still believe that.

Think about all of the rediculous things that Cain did and said ... he should have been disqualified long ago.

The sexual harrasment, okay, that's a campaign issue. He was actually accussed of something illegal and his organization had to settle with the plaintiffs. But the fact that he broke a trust with his wife? That's between the two of them.

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