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5 Dicembre Dic 2011 1039 05 dicembre 2011

Wake up italy !

What happened in Italy on Sunday evening?
Nothing concretely. The President has presented a melodramatic Italian reform of austerity. Everyone who is aware of economics would have been be able to do it. There have also been „false“ tears by Forner minister.

"Call it an Italy-saving decree'' said Monti.

But in fact this decree fixes this problem by moving it forward a few years (as they did in the old days of DC), it is a very austere decree, the most austere that Italy has ever seen. There are only a few cuts and taxes added here and there (no cut policy for only the scene of the blatantly Monti does not want the prime minister and minister salary. Although, he has to receive the senator salary). There is no no cutting policy, which is a shame for a country that spends proportionally more of its uses.

Furthermore, the decree penalizes retirements: contributions for all, abolished seniority allowances, penalties for those first 63 years out, etc. ...
Regarding the tax: excise gasoline tax on luxury cars, boats, planes, ic charge on the house which will be to 4% for the first and 7% for the second, etc ....
In regards to public spending, cuts will hit municipalities and provinces, already in a severe economic crisis ....

This is not reform for the development and growth, this is a reform for the regression and the economic depression in Italy, in which, as always, the ones to pay remain the same.
This reform is made only to benefit companies without thinking of the workers and encourage the recruitment and undermine the elderly, who are increasingly facing economic difficulties, not to mention the young people who are unemployed and the unemployment data tends to grow up.
Did we really need a new Prime Minister in order to establish this new decree, or could even Berlusconi have done it?
o Italy... wake up ...!

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