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7 Dicembre Dic 2011 1420 07 dicembre 2011


There's a video going viral which features an eight-year old "activist" approaching Michelle Bachmann at a book signing event.

Take a look:

Here's what I see: A possibly coerced child being forced to ambush a very nice lady. Now, I'm not saying that's what happened, I'm saying that's how it comes across to me, as it will to millions of others. That's what the spin doctors call "bad optics." And this will almost certainly have the opposite effect to what little Elijah's mom intended.

I'm right there with the message he's delivering and I'm 100 percent for free speech, but I think this is a disaster when it comes to strategy and tactics. Let's have more "mic checks" from adults and less glitter bombs, please!

I find it hard to hold ill feelings toward a woman who says to a child, "You said it, but I think my ears where too far away." I bet she's a great mom.

Also, this kind of thing is exactly what we have to get away from in public discourse. It's why Washington in a constant stalemate. Really? We can't do anything without getting ambushed?

We have to stop thinking of the other side as monsters who don't deserve the smallest iota of respect. Even if we really feel that Bachmann's policies are an attempt to destroy lives, to destroy families (and I do think those things), we have to remember that she is not just evil. I'm sure her family loves her, her neighbors would give their keys to her for her to water their plants while they are on vacation. I'm sure she has shown kindness through her church activities ... In short, she is just another human being with whom liberal disagree, but a human being nonetheless.

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