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19 Dicembre Dic 2011 2253 19 dicembre 2011

The Best Healthcare in the World

This past weekend, I had a minor accident.

Thank goodness, I was lucky and I am fine. Just some aches and bruises to nurse.

But what if the accident happened at a slightly different angle? What if it happened with slightly more force?

It was not an auto accident, it was on my own property, no machinery was involved and therefore nothing malfunctioned. There was no one to blame.

Yet if I had been put in a vegetated state for a long time, or become paralyzed and unable to work ... Deductibles would have to be met. Maximum coverages would be exeeded. Bills could be "lost" by our insurance company (it happens from time to time). Some of my doctors' fees would be disputed, often leaving us to cover the different. And some bills would likely be rejected altogether.

For people in my position, I would probably be better off dead, from a financial standpoint. At least if I was dead, my wife would receive a nice lump sum from my life insurance.

There would be the risk that we could lose our home. My daughter would certainly not be able to afford to attend a private university unless she got there on full scholarship. The wonderful life, the one that I don’t give thanks for nearly enough, would be changed forever.

And the other side continues to call healthcare in America the best in the world.

Again, I am totally fine. But it is an opportunity to thank God for that. And to dream of a day that someone like me, and heaven forbid someone less fortunate than me, will not have to think in such terms.

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