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How Did We Get Here?

This week has been a tough one for civility in America. In fact, I fear that conservatives have abandonded the concept altogether.

In the beginning of the week, a Florida woman called the President an "avowed muslim" (more on that in a moment) and said that he had "no legal right to be calling himself the president." What made it worse was that she said that to Rick Santorum, who ignored the comment.

Interestingly, on Sunday I was at an event at our local mosque here in northern Westchester country. Our synagogue has a standing group with the mosque -- this group holds charitible fund fund raisers together, among other activities. But the best part is that we get to know each other, support each other.

If some one were to imply that one of my friends from this mosque did not have the right to become president (the ones born here, I mean), I would want to punch them in the nose, even if they were an elderly Floridian.

Perhaps she was talking also about the "birther" issue. The man presented his birth certificate. She might feel that was a counterfeit, but really, Bush actually lost the 2000 election and liberals found a way to move on.

Then, later this week, the Boston Bruins, winner of hockey's championship, the Stanley Cup, were invited to the White House for the traditional photo op with the President. They team presented Obama with a jersey. But goalie Tim Thomas refused to attend due to his political beliefs.

These people have the right to state their opinions. In turn, I have the right to say that in my opinion, they are un-American. And more conservatives hould be saying it. Shame.

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