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11 Febbraio Feb 2012 1529 11 febbraio 2012

Immaculate Contraception

I really can’t believe we’re still talking about contraception.

Here’s my stance, so you don’t have to search previous posts: Contraception should be free and available everywhere.

Anyone who says they are against abortion and also against contraception at this point isn’t being honest about where they are coming from. Biblical demands? Look, everyone picks and chooses, otherwise Christians wouldn’t be eating so much bacon.

So this week’s argument from the Catholic church that they don’t want to pay for healthcare for their employees that would include birth control is infuriating. But what’s doubly maddening is the way conservatives have jumped on this issue.

Give me a break, conservatives.

I can think of a million ways that this problem didn’t have to happen. For instance, why does the Catholic church have to run hospitals and other non-sacred institutions anyway?

But barring that … This is your fault conservatives.

You. You are the ones who insist that health insurance be paid by employers in the first place. If we had single-payer or even reasonable, portable individual/family insurance (I recently got a quote of nearly $2000 a month for my family and that basically only covers hospitalization and checkups!) no employer would have to pay for any health-related expenses.

Some say birth control isn’t health related. Tell that to the insurers who have to pay obstetrician bills and then AN ENTIRE NEW HUMAN BEING.

Bottom line: Unwanted pregnancies are a societal problem, and we need to work as a society to avoid them.

Conservatives, that means that if you don’t want another healthcare model, that means employers have to pay up or shut up.

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