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23 Febbraio Feb 2012 0441 23 febbraio 2012

Why Are We Doing This?

Sometimes, we all have to be realistic.

The left wing has to understand that there are certain things that the right wing will never let happen. For instance, they will never give up their guns.

Now, with the proposal in some states to force women considering abortion to receive a type of ultra-sound that involves sticking a wand up their vaginas, it's their turn to get real.

Conservatives: let me put it to you this way. Our side will never, never, never, never let this happen. The government will never mandate that anything should go into our daughters bodies. End of discussion.

As I’ve mentioned here before that even though I disagree with them, I admire those who honestly feeling that abortion is not right, and are fighting against it. For instance, I was happy to see an old friend of mine post pictures from an anti-abortion rally on her Facebook page.

I respect their right to express their opinion and even try to change our opinions ... Let’s have at it.

But when they start talking about violating our daughters, you’ve lost us.

The politicians have to know that this is just going to divide us even further – which I expect is the point.

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