Un pugno di mosche
3 Aprile Apr 2012 1643 03 aprile 2012

the Experiment

A new research [1] has uncovered some information about charitable giving: attractive, thin, light-skinned females are the most likely to quickly reach their goals.

"This is why NGOs spend so much time choosing just the right photographs to promote donations," the author of the study explains. "People respond more, and with donations, to pretty, smiling faces."

So, would you like to join the Experiment? Watch this video

Did you like it? If YES, you can now make a donation to the life-saving works having place in Sahel, through http://www.oxfam.org/en/emergencies/sahel-food-crisis or


Let's see how it works. 1,5 million kids from West and Central Africa - like those in the video, yet facing real hunger - will appreciate.

Many thanks indeed,


[1] http://www.care2.com/causes/kiva-lenders-prefer-to-donate-to-pretty-light-skinned-african-women.html#ixzz1qzlHvicl

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