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21 Giugno Giu 2012 1319 21 giugno 2012

Single European Banking Supervision Body

In the best European traditions, the new, single European banking supervisor will be looking to integrate the practices of the member states. As such we can look forward to:

Liquidity oversight, in the manner of Northern Rock and Dexia, will be assigned to Belgium and Britain;

ABS and CDO investing, a la IKB, is the domain of the Germans;

Interest rate derivatives, a la Italease, will be down to the Italians;

Mortgage lending, a la the Cajas, falls to the Spanish;

M&A oversight, a la Monte Paschi, again the Italians;

Trading and back office, a la Jerome Kerviel/Socgen and Adoboli/UBS, is the domain of the French and Swiss;

Commercial real estate is for the Irish;

Know your client/moneylaundering, the Vatican;

And given we need an outsider to ensure impartiality, Iceland has kindly agreed to provide the first Governor.

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