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4 Dicembre Dic 2013 1339 04 dicembre 2013

Ucraina: quale futuro?

Dove va l'Ucraina? Dove sara' il suo futuro? L'abbiamo chiesto a un gruppo di ragazze e ragazzi ucraini, studenti e lavoratori a Londra. Ecco le loro risposte: sei brevi testimonianze. Dopotutto, il futuro di un paese di quasi 50 milioni di abitanti e' loro, e sta a loro scegliere. Ogni testimonianza diretta e' fondamentale, piu' di qualsiasi analisi 'a tavolino'. Un sentitissimo grazie a Maria, studentessa di Business, per il supporto! La domanda per tutte/tutti era: where do you see Ukraine's future? In the European Union or strongly linked with Russia outside the EU?

Testimonianza 1: in the EU.

Despite having strong economic ties with Russia and CIS countries, the best way to overcome mass corruption in Ukrainian government and prevent further decline in the economy is to join the EU. Stricter regulation, which will be implemented during the process of joining the EU, will foster better political and economic climate and facilitate foreign investments, thus boosting the economy and increasing welfare.

Testimonianza 2: strongly linked with Russia and outside the EU.

I believe Ukraine will still be an outsider of the EU but I strongly doubt about its strong alliance with Russia. I rather see Ukraine "as slave of Russia" but not its partner. Unfortunately, the times when Russia and Ukraine had a strong political bond are over. From all the political meetings that took place in the past few years, it was clearly seen how Putin mocks at Yanukovich and ironically speaking, anyone would! Yanukovich entered Ukraine as a greedy peasant with an unquenchable thirst for money but not power and status. Accordingly, by showing Putin this weakness he allowed to be manipulated. Thus, Yanukovich is a very convenient player for Putin. Not only he pulls Ukraine down by constantly plundering the country. Which is of course beneficial to Russia - not to let Ukraine rise. But he is also very scared of Putin and his power.

Testimonianza 3: strongly linked with Russia and outside the EU.

Ukraine originally meant to have economic ties with Russia in terms of partnership, equality and mutual benefit. Membership in the Customs Union will make our exports more competitive, will help to save country's industrial capacity, moreover Ukraine will pay less for natural gas and other resources, which is beneficial.

Technical standards of the Customs Union countries are similar to those of Ukraine and does not require Ukrainian businesses to bear additional spendings but expands their market. On the contrary, if you take into consideration the free market within the EU.


Testimonianza 4: in the EU.

First I want to say about my negative attitude towards the possibility of Ukraine joining the Customs Union; since quite a long time Ukraine has followed a neutral position. If it is time to decide, I certainly give my vote to EU. We will have more opportunities for development and establishment of a strong country than it could be with Russia, where our country is considered to be a resource appendage. Everyone can argue a lot about advantages or disadvantages but for me personally the future of Ukraine is with the EU.

Testimonianza 5: in the EU.

The EU means: free visa regime; foreign investments; new markets; new policies; new 'everything'

Testimonianza 6: in the EU.

The EU means: European values; improving of judicial and economic system; investments; opening of World markets, which can be explored with European partners.

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