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5 Dicembre Dic 2013 1113 05 dicembre 2013

Ucraina: quale futuro? (2)

Oggi raccogliamo altre testimonianze dirette di cittadini ucraini a Londra. Anche da queste appare un’opinione pubblica divisa, e tenuta insieme soprattutto dalla critica alla corruzione. Grazie a Maria e Yuriy!

La domanda che abbiamo posto e’: dove vedi il futuro dell’Ucraina?

Testimonianza 1: in the European Union
Ukraine actually is a European country, with huge human and economic
potential. For more than 15 years the Ukrainian Government has been stating that the EU
is its main vector in foreign affairs. Still I understand that my own country's
participation in this organisation is much more likely to be a geoeconomic
issue, than just a merciful present from its more developed European
neighbours. Ukraine is a buffer country between 2 giants: the EU and Russia, thus
it is so vital to take a final decision- where we see our future. We have bad
experience of close friendship with Russia (USSR), now people want to be in the

Testimonianza 2: in the European Union
We need to change the system of corruption and implement EU standards in
production; this will bring more investment and will make our goods/services
competitive. In general, it will be very hard in the beginning, but long term
results will be very positive for the economy and the people.

Testimonianza 3: with Russia

…since I don't see a future in the EU. And I think the Ukrainian economy so far is too unstable for the EU; which can lead to the same problems that Greece, Spain are now facing.

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