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KJ Okker, o della Poesia dell'Economia

K.J. Okker

Economics of Poetry/Poetry of Economics

  1. Growth will follow

Pursue truth and justice

Find honesty and transparency in every drawer of your secret cupboard

Never disrupt, never blow into a fire

Just keep your thoughts locked away if not useful and hopeful

Keep variables you can control at bay

Fulfil your potential and make others feel as you are supporting them all along the way

Kiss friends and foes, disregard hierarchies as first and absolute sign of respect for what is worth

Change attitude but do not ever change your character, it’s the genetics, my friend

Growth will follow

Not as prerequisite of any of your actions

Not as a mean to an end

But because of all the hopes you will have kept high

For you and for all the multi-coloured souls

You will meet day after day

And growth will learn to follow

Walking behind you

Because the future is not about growth

But about otherness, happiness and being able

To look at your past, finding into it

All the things making your present

The right place to be

And the future an unknown place

Already smelling of victory and violets

Growth will follow, like a drunken butterfly

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