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18 Marzo Mar 2015 1105 18 marzo 2015

The Expo Fiasco

Dear Prime Minister Renzi:

Even Pangloss, the Voltaire personification of Leibnizian optimism (Candide: or, Optimism), would feel embarrassed to sustain today, after the scum that is emerging on a daily basis, the 2015 Milan Expo on any ground.

'We must cultivate our garden!' is the last sentence of Voltaire's book.

To do so, to take care of a very damaged Italian garden, you have three simple actions at your disposal. They do not require much work and may perhaps restore some dignity to a fiasco--the Expo fiasco--that promising the get worst a very day that goes by.


1          cancel the Expo before it is too late!

2          withdraw the candidature for the 2020 Olympic games at once!

3          initiate a fast track trial for all people involved, at all levels, in the fiasco

It is clear that the country is unable to resist corruption when public work is involved, snf there ill suited to organize events of this kind which, as the expo fiasco proves beyond any reasonable doubt, can only be a venue for a showdow (regolamento di conti) embarrassing to the whole country.

This is the very minimum that any decent citizen expect from you.

The time of damage control is upon you, and all of us.

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