Cosimo Pacciani
La City dei Tartari
31 Agosto Ago 2015 2351 31 agosto 2015

Overbooking (A song for London)

Hail the melting colours
Of chinese and african kids
Playing 'catch me' on a crowded tube
Enjoy a wild mud walk
With your daughters
Down Wimbledon Common
Julius Caesar observed the Thames Valley from the top of that hill, you repeat,
Before William and Elisabeth
Before everything was built, handmade, stratified, destroyed and rebuilt tens of times
Honour the business traveller,
suited and ready for a negotiation
or an early night sleep after a sandwich club
Respect the cleaning ladies as they chat and laugh in every corner of Canary Wharf
As the finance mistaken heroes consume their monies
Into an Elsewhere of lower density and intensity
Yet they gasp for action and more stories of failure and success to tell
To skinny Essex girls
Love the airport attendant, with his cockney accent and pakistani smile
While he points you to the check-in
Cherish the spanish accent of the airline employee
As she tells you're in overbooking
And that you should stay or you should go. Nowhere 
Smile her back, with your Italian flair
And the sense of acceptance
That only frequent travellers develop
Because you are stuck in London
Like for a bee to be imprisoned by a rose
Suspend your judgement on weird hairdoes
Funky shoes and short but bright socks
Love London
Love the tube, the buses, the silent streets and the busy alleys
Love its construct of hope and desire
Like bricks layered with tears and sweat as cement
Listen to Never Agains and Forever maybes sung by gospels choirs, during friday prayers, via buddhist chants, jewish hymns, danced away during rave parties or discussed to death at your local thursday night book clubs.
Protect London
Her treasury or debt of gratitude
For generations to come
Save the Proper Queen
This female snake randomly sitting across the plane
Kissed by rivers, canals and this little flicker of hope
we call now home
Save the smell of rancid chips
From the local pub
And the locals smiling at you
With a degree of enthusiasm
Correlated to the pints they drank
Sing in tune Jerusalem or any other glorious anthem, from a dixie number to what Johnny Rotten told us
No future, because the future happens everyday in London
Thanks to us
The city a multicultural and pluriethnic brain
Protect all this and England, Scotland, Wales will follow
Protect this unique sense of belonging
and Europe will get there, eventually
Forget the violence
Forgive the radicals
But get through the tick of people, ideas, hands and bags
Till you see the river banks and along it
All this multicoloured and constantly inspired humanity
Of This overbooked London Town
Light and Motion - Home

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