Camillo di Christian RoccaLost in translation

Al New York Observer il libro di Umberto Eco che raccoglie i suoi articoli di Repubblica e l’Espresso non è piaciuto per niente:
"It seems hardly worth noting that no English-speaking Left intellectual of Mr. Eco’s public stature would get away with committing such insipid obviousness to paper";
"The only irredeemably weak section of the new book is “Foreigners and Us,” a series of L’espresso articles that really are quite embarrassing, however you translate them. “Bush doesn’t know,” Mr. Eco wrote in 2005, “that in Italy people say out of politeness ‘Call me, and we’ll get together’ or ‘Next time you’re in the neighborhood come for dinner,’ when they have no intention of seeing that person again. Berlusconi promised him something, and Bush thought he meant it, while our prime minister was just talking, working on the principle that verba volant.” Right. Americans are simple and sociable and keep all their vague promises. Maybe for his next book, Professor Eco should skip Wikipedia and poke around Facebook".