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Oggi diamo voce all'Africa! Grazie a Mahmoud Guira, africano, cittadino del Burkina e residente a Londra. Che cosa sta succedendo in Africa? Thanks Mahmoud!   A lot is going on in Africa; some coun...

Oggi diamo voce all’Africa! Grazie a Mahmoud Guira, africano, cittadino del Burkina e residente a Londra. Che cosa sta succedendo in Africa? Thanks Mahmoud!

A lot is going on in Africa; some countries are growing fast, Nigeria is gaining some global prominence, but…a range of problems persist. I would start with a topic Italian readers are deeply interested in; the new Libyan crisis.

1.       Somebody thought getting rid of Qadhafi was a good idea. Why did Qadhafi rather suddenly become a ‘rogue’? And how can Libya return to peace now?

MG…It is in line with the logic of imperialism. We have seen what we knew before the invasion, that the real motivation for killing Qadhafi was to weaken Africa and continue to steal its resources. I am sure, if you tell a common Libyan that getting rid of Qadhafi was a good thing; he or she would say, at lest, that you are trying to con him/her.  Peace in Libya is not in the interest of the West but “chicken might come home to roost.”

2.       Another rising problem is Islamic fundamentalism. What are its roots in your opinion? Who is promoting it?

MG…A crusade is a crusade whether Islamic, Christian or whatever religion that might be. Religions have been used in the past and continue to be used to distract people from their real problems. One cannot separate religion from politics; what is really threatening is to see criminals use the name of religion for their selfish interests. The growing number if Islamic fundamentalists reflects the scale of injustices and greed, solid breeding ground for those who have nothing to lose.  

3.       What do you think of Boko Haram? In the West it is rather underestimated, but what we read about it is quite appalling.

MG…Boko Haram is another tool in the hands of the West to slow the unstoppable African awakening. We know where they get their weapons from and we know how it came to existence. I think Boko Haram will disappear tomorrow if the Western public was made aware of the true nature of this modern day Uncle Sam.

4.       Let’s move to more positive issues. Nigeria is a rising economic power and there have just been elections, even if delayed. What do you think about it?

MG… The outcome of the elections was no surprise. What the Nigerians are expecting from Buhaari is the equal distribution of wealth and the real independence of the continent.

5.       What do you think about Chinese investments and Russian politics in Africa in the last two decades? Have they helped?

MG…I think the Chinese and Russian new policies towards Africa are a welcome development. Africa needs partners not masters.

6.       Tell us more about your country, Burkina Faso. After 27 years of dictatorship, Blaise Compaore’ has fled the country. What will happen now?

MG…What is happening now in Burkina Faso is that some people are trying to steal the revolution of the Burkinabe people. The stakes are high and France is playing in the back room to make sure the status quo is kept. However, people are determined to see that come October this year, the country will have real change.

7.       Who is more speaking for Africans now in the continent? And in the world?

MG….There are many people in the world for whom the real independence of the African continent is paramount. In the continent, for me, Mugabe is an inspiration.

8.       How do you feel about Africa’s future? What makes you optimistic? What makes you pessimistic?

MG….I think Africa has a bright future. I am optimistic about the future of the continent. I am sure that the time is near when Africans will decide their own destiny. The Nazi economic  policies applied by France in its colonies will one day be a thing of the past.

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