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I heard an amazing interview on NPR's Fresh Air show last week. (Yes, just to fulfill the stereotype, I listen to public radio podcasts on my iPhone while driving my electric hybrid car.) For decad...

I heard an amazing interview on NPR’s Fresh Air show last week. (Yes, just to fulfill the stereotype, I listen to public radio podcasts on my iPhone while driving my electric hybrid car.)

For decades, many Zionists in the Diaspora and indeed many high-ranking Israeli politicians have, in my opinion, cynically accepted the support of Evangelical Christians. Of course, these Christians support Israel to, in their view, help bring about the “End Times,” as detailed in Revelations.

In Revelations, the return of the Jews to Israel plays a huge role.
And Zionists, again in my opinion, have taken their money thinking, “Well, they’re not really our friends since they think we’re going to soon burn in a pit in hell, and we don’t agree with most of the other stuff in their agenda (like gun rights) but if the idiots want to support us, why should we say no? The joke will be on them when the events of Revelations never come to pass.”

The researcher and author Sarah Tabachnick has done astounding work, exposing the world of Evangelical Christianity. I say “expose” even though some of the stuff that Tabachnick has reported is pretty overt – but she is the voice and the energy sounding the alarms. Tabachnick is uniquely qualified for this work, since to paraphrase her, she spent the first half of her live as an Southern Baptist and the second half as a Jew.

Tabachnick has written extensively about the fact that leading Evangelists today believe something very different that that which has been the backbone of the unholy alliance described above.

Practitioners of the New Apostolic Reformation, a large movement that includes many of the ministers who preached at the huge prayer rally organized by Texas governor Rick Perry shortly before announced his candidacy for president. I’ll leave it to Terry Gross’ interviewing skills (or better yet, the hope that you will pick up Tabachnick’s book) to fully explain why these ministers are a new breed in American religious and political life. Just one aspect – expressed broadly – is that they see themselves as “spiritual warriors” who intend to take over local governments and replace the laws with Christian ideology.

But the element that has me reeling is that rather than working with Jews to support Israel so they can be “left behind,” they believe that they must convert Jews to Christianity to bring about the End Times.

Jews who worship Jesus are called Messianic Jews. Many people call them Jews for Jesus, but J4Js are just one part of that movement. Jews have a term for Messianic Jews. We call them Christians.

I’ve always felt like I got where Messianic Jews were coming from. Hey, I thought, if I suddenly felt that Jesus was the messiah somehow, I wouldn’t necessarily want to give up bagels and lox, worshipping on Saturday, and eating matzah on Passover and cheese blintzes on Shavuot.

But the scheme being used by the “spiritual warriors” is a whole new twist. They believe that the best people to convert Jews to Christianity are other Jews. That’s some logic, huh? And they might be right.

We can’t tell if Rick Perry is part of all this. All we know is who he surrounds himself with. I can tell you, though, any Jew who supports him should have his head examined. Here is a man who supports those who are actively engaged in taking over the government in order to erase the Jewish religion. Hmm. That sound familiar.

Well, I can’t say I’m shocked that those who cynically threw their lot it with this crowd are getting bitten on the a$$ now. After all, when you get in bed with someone, you also wake up with them next to you.

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