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Joe Biden dice che lo spot su McCain che non sa mandare email era "terribile".
CBS’ Katie Couric: "Are you disappointed with the tone of the campaign — the lipstick on the pig stuff and some of the ads? And you guys haven’t been completely guilt-free, making fun of John McCain’s inability to use a computer?"
Biden: "I thought that was terrible, by the way."
Couric: "Why’d you do it then?"
Biden: "I didn’t know we did it, and if I’d had anything to do with it, we would have never done it. I don’t think Barack… you know, I just think that was…"
Couric: "Did Barack Obama approve that ad? He said he did, right?"
Biden: "I don’t think anything was intentional about that. They were trying to make another point."
Poi siccome la campagna Obama è senza pudore ha fatto ritirare a Biden le sue critiche:
“I was asked about an ad I’d never seen, reacting merely to press reports.  As I said right then, I knew there was nothing intentionally personal in the criticism of Senator McCain’s views which look backwards not forwards and are out of touch with the new economic challenges we face today. Having now reviewed the ad, it is even more clear to me that given the disgraceful tenor of Senator McCain’s ads and their persistent falsehoods, his campaign is in no position to criticize, especially when they continue to distort Barack’s votes on an issue as personal as keeping kids safe from sexual predators,” said Joe Biden.