Camillo di Christian RoccaIl Mondo Rocca su New Republic

Paul Berman ha scritto un lunghissimo articolo su The New Republic di questa settimana, il primo magazine politico liberal, sulla sinistra antitotalitaria, Adriano Sofri e Kouchner a partire dalla presentazione del mio libro a Roma. L’articolo comincia così: "IN JUNE 2006, the Italian publisher Einaudi brought out a pamphlet by the journalist Christian Rocca, and, to give the book a proper send-off, the publishing house and Rocca’s newspaper, Il Foglio, sponsored a panel discussion in Rome, at the Cinema Capranichetta. Rocca’s book carried the mischievous title Cambiare Regime: La sinistra e gli ultimi 45 dittatori, or Regime Change: The Left and the Last 45 Dictators–which faithfully broadcast his intention of heaping criticisms and ironies on the modern left and its fond tolerance (as he insisted on saying) for dreadful dictatorships of various sorts. The author took a seat at the front of the theater, plainly ready to continue his assault, and the panelists, a little group of political people and journalists from Rome and Milan and the far-away English-speaking corners of the world, took their places around him".