Camillo di Christian RoccaGuantanano Baywatch

L’Economist di questa settimana:
All the detainees are now housed in air-conditioned metal and cement blocks, most in single cells with their own basin and "flushing lavatory. Each is given a copy of the Koran and is allowed to pray five times a day, led by an “imam” elected by the detainees themselves. Ample halal meals are provided three times a day with the result, as the Joint Task Force (JTF) responsible for the camp likes to boast, that many detainees have put on weight. Two hours’ exercise a day is also allowed.
“Compliant” detainees—those who obey the camp rules—are housed in Camp 4, where they enjoy special privileges, including the right to mingle together and exercise for 12 hours a day. They have access to a library of more than 5,000 books in 19 different languages; can watch videos and play sports such as volley-ball, pingpong and football; and can even get extra loo paper, on request. Unlike their more unruly colleagues, they are also provided with a mattress, sheets, a prayer rug, earplugs and underwear. Most detainees now have access to a lawyer".
"Indeed, a checklist drawn up by the JTF, comparing a prisoner-of-war’s 25 basic rights under the Geneva Conventions with those of an alleged “enemy combatant” in Guantánamo, finds few big differences"